Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's The Little Things.

This is the first time that I have joined this link-up,  so hopefully I am doing this right now. 

Now that fall is here, the weather isn't as nice as it use to be, so we can't have picnic outside as much as before.  So I thought why don't we have a picnic inside. She loved it!!! You can see by the pictures that she didn't really want me to take pictures.

Does anybody else who have a one year old have the same problem? It is so hard to take pictures of her right now.

 Then today it was actually sunny!! Yay. So we  went for a walk and well you can see that she loves her walks. Not the best pictures as I took it with my phone, but you get the idea!!

I just love these little moments with her, I know she is going to be one day be much older and not want to hang out with her mom, so I love this spending time with her when I can.

 I love our walks, she is into leaves right now, so all she does is point them out and want to pick them up and of course put them in her mouth!!

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  1. Hello from another canadian blogger!! Yes, you're right, I've got tons of pics with my girls just in the middle or coming out of smiling... and hardly any with both smiling together. #mamaproblems!