Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blog of the month

I am going to have a new feature on this blog, which is called Blog of The Month. I will ask them a couple of questions and why this certain blog is my favorite

I have been following Carolyn's blog - life, love and puppy prints for many years, I found her blog on a wedding blog site, we were both getting married in the same month and I have been following her ever since. It was so cool to read a blog about someone going through the same things as you ( wedding or baby).

She had a one year old son named Weston and I have a one year old daughter ( Erin), so I love reading about what toys Weston like, and just reading about how she is dealing with motherhood and is going through the same things.

Check out her blog, it is an amazing blog.

Here are the questions:

 1. How long have been blogging? What made you decide to blog?

 I have been blogging since January of 2010. I started blogging after reading my friend's blog about her coffee shop. She was telling me about all of these cool lifestyle blogs, and we thought it'd be fun to start our own. Little did I know that 4.5 years later, I'd still be blogging and have made some amazing friends from it!

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

I thought long and hard about my blog name, and I have to say - it's hard!! You want something unique, cute and something that describes yourself. I am a crazy puppy mom, so I figured that since it's a lifestyle blog about a girl with dogs - Life, Love & Puppy Prints worked!

 3. How do you find the time to blog with a job and a kid?

 I have no idea. HAHAHA Seriously though, blogging is a definite commitment. I've had to adjust my expectations a lot since becoming a mommy. Before Weston, I had a blog post every single weekday, stayed on top of my blog reader and was a commenting machine. Not so much anymore. Now I aim for 3 posts a week, and I read blogs on my phone/computer whenever I have time. I'm not a great commenter anymore, and I feel so guilty about that, but it's all about balance. If I have to choose between playing with Weston and commenting on blogs, I'm picking the baby!! :)

 4: Now that you have been a mom for a year what is something surprising that you did not know about motherhood before being a mom?

I feel like I was pretty prepared for motherhood, and Weston has been such an easy baby (thank goodness!) so not too much has surprised me. One thing that was surprising though was the fact that I miss the newborn stage. Before I was a mom, I wasn't a huge fan of newborns. I absolutely LOVE kids, but babies terrified me, and I actually didn't hold most of my friends' babies. I always said "I wish I could just pop out a toddler instead of a baby!" but now that I've had the newborn stage, I squeal every time I see a newborn. They're so squishy and cuddly and they just smell so yummy. :)

 5.You have been blogging for awhile, what is your advice for new bloggers?

 My biggest piece of advice for new bloggers is to get out there. The only way to connect with other bloggers is if you reach out, read and COMMENT. Commenting is the number one way to get new readers, and make blog friends! It'll take some time, but it's worth it. Make sure to be genuine - don't just comment with "great post." Find a way to connect, and be GENUINE. Also - make sure to have your email address attached, so when you comment, the blogger can respond and start a discussion!!

Thanks so much Carolyn for asking my questions. Thanks so much for being my very first blog of the month.


  1. Carolyn's blog is one of my favorites - her Weston is just a couple of months older than my Oliver and she's a MN girl like me so I love reading her stories!

    It's nice to meet you as well Viki, I'll be following along, your daughter is adorable!

  2. Thanks for featuring me! So sweet! :) :) :)